Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inspiration Elevator

What a thrilling day! Today is the launch of Inspiration Elevator (IE), a challenge blog created by me and my dear friend Ann Jobes. We chose the name Inspiration Elevator (thanks Ann!), because it is our intention to raise our creativity to heights through challenges issued every month. We want to raise our designs from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

In a nutshell, IE is a group of like minded scrappy friends who want to raise the bar in their own creative process through unique challenges that we issue to each other once a month. These won't be run of the mill challenges and we hope you will join us each month and be inspired by the innovative designs we create.
This is not a blog hop, and there are no prizes, but we would love it if you would take a few minutes to see what the rest of the Inspiration Elevator team created.
We are sure you will feel inspired to get creative.
The first challenge, issued by yours truly, is two-fold: to create a new design that reflects your style, and to use a new product or technique that you find inspiring right now. I wanted to give our IE members a chanceto get know each other a bit better and get comfortable before things get really interesting!
This design actually came together quickly, for me and it does contain all those scrappy items that are quintessentially me.

1. A white background is usually my preference. It acts like a canvas for my photo and all the artistic touches I love to add.

2. I love bright colours and geometric patterns like stripes, polka dots and chevrons. I can often been seen applying these patterns via strips over, under and around my photo in varying ways.

3. I like odd sizes of photos and will often choose a 5x7 or several small 2x3's instead of 4x6.

4. I enjoy different fonts with my title and it is the last thing I usually have in mind before call the layout finished.

5. I am not a huge journall-er. Surprising, I know, that a person with so much to say out loud doesn't have more to say on her designs!

6. I love to machine stitch. I like straight and zigzag primarily and I like it messy, especially in a contrasting thread colour. In this design I used red to compliment the kissy lips and contrast with the green glasses.

The technique I chose that is inspiring me RIGHT NOW, is my watercolour paints.
Since I discovered the bright translucent colours of water colour paint I use them often and many ways.

I hope you will pop by my fellow passengers on the Inspiration Elevator. There is tons of serious talent on this journey and you will be amazed and inspired. Our next challenge will appear on the 15th of June! Stay tuned.

Until next time, keep doing what you love.


  1. This layout is fun and vibrant, very much like you are! Love the multi coloured water colours, it is very eye catching and sort of confetti like!

  2. yep, this is you! Love it, great photo, great design and love ths splashes of water color!

  3. I so love that layout and that photo!

  4. So fun christa! Love that pic and knew there would be a layout coming, it has so many elements working for it!

  5. It's a super photo to start with, and your bright colours are perfect for it! This is definitely a Christa layout! Fantastic start to our IE trip! Going up!

  6. This is so you! I am always blown away with what you do with white space! Love the watercolors!!!

  7. love the Diva photo and layout. I have not quite evolved to splatter paint but might try it again as your pages are fantastic.

  8. Oh Christa, your never cease to amaze me! Your layout is so fun! Love the colors, paint spatters and all your white space! Thanks for inviting me to take this journey with you!

  9. Congrats on the launch!!! Such a talented team! Will be back for inspiration!!!

  10. Another great layout Christa!!

    BTW--I've been MIA at the 2SF Forum, and my other favourite challenge blogs lately--life has been SUPER busy with work and homelife. Didn't even get a chance to make my mom a Mother's Day card--how sad is that!! Missing my creative time, but I have to remind myself that my hobby should never stress me out, so I've given myself permission to take a break from a lot of the online part of this hobby. I still read some of my favourite blogs, but don't often comment--couldn't resist commenting here though and congratulating you on this launch!!! Hope to play along when life settles down again!

  11. Nicely done Christa. Bright and bold. Great against a white background.

  12. First of all I love this photo! :) And I just love love what you have been doing with the watercolors lately, and your layering and bright colors and contrasting threads!!1 HOKEY DOODLE this is great! :)

  13. Fun fun fun layout!!! I love the bright colors and that sassy photo!! The team sounds like alot of fun, I can't wait to follow along!

  14. What a terrific LO!! I love that photo, too cute!! The splatters are fantastic as is the mix of patterns and colors! Love, love the bright colors!

  15. Lovelovelove this layout, Christa! The bright happy colors and patterns, that adorable photo and the watercolors are just so cool!

  16. Oh Christa! This layout is truly you! The fabulous colors, the wonderful details and the best photos! Love it :)
    Joanne xo