Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Almost Time for the April Design Team Reveal at Two Scrapbook Friends!

The end of the month always finds me a bit frazzled. I am always worried about getting that last perfect DT layout completed for my friends at Two Scrapbook Friends. However, as many of you may have read in my previous posts that I have been undergoing a 'transformative' process with my scrapbooking! Sounds pretty complicated for something my dear, dear husband calls :Sticker Fun! But to a lifelong, hardcore scrapper like me, it is a very very big deal. Through my classes with Karen Grunberg at Big Picture Classes, I have been slowly Finding My Way with my scrapbooking style.  This month's end I felt excitement! I was thrilled to sit down and look at my supplies and create three layouts I adored! Three whole layouts that I cann honestly say I feel reflect my style and that I am so genuinely proud of the result.  Don't get me wrong, I am not suddenly in the same league with all the scrapbooking greats like Karen, but I am happy with my results and look forward to keeping this process going. I am anxious to keep delving into MORE about what it takes for me to love what I am producing; both for myself and for those who have honoured me with DT positions. Thanks for keeping up with me on this journey. I encourage you to maybe do the same..check out Karen's classes at Big Picture. Maybe it's not the right time for you..or maybe you are in a scrapping rut. But it really worked for me and my MOJO is OVERflowing!

Now for thanks for listening. Here's what you have all been waiting for! Sneak Peeks for the April 1st release! Please forgive the photo quality I am having camera/computer problems!

Here's a layout I called "GO" it from a quote from Dr. Seuss. maybe you know it?
The second Sneak Peek is of a layout of my DD when she was a baby. It has misting, layering and of course, some sewing!
Finally, my favourite! I call this happy. I used Kraft background, which I have never done before! I also painted (never done before) and sewed a banner. In fact I sewed so many places I couldn't count them all!

Watch for the big releases on Friday at  Two Scrapbook Friends, my fellow Design Team Members are so very very talented.  Also watch for the big release for the April 1st sketch at My Sketch World. My work for the folks at MSW will appear April 15th. Lots to look forward to! Until then drop me a line and let me know what you think of my new found scrappy epiphany!

Doing what love, hope you are too!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Remembering Why We Do It.

I started scrapbooking almost 20 years ago in order to preserve memories of my life. I wanted to remember how I felt when I dated my husband or how I felt when my son and daughter were born or the difference my husband's grandfather made to my life. But these days when I sit down to scrapbook I am not always thinking about those memories. I get caught up in the details of new products and techniques or in finding the perfect photo or in a timeline I have given myself to create. I was reminded today while listening to Karen Grunberg's (currently free) class Embracing Imperfection and Big Picture Classes, that I scrapbook my photos and tell my stories so that the details of my life are not forgotten. She reminds us to embrace the mistakes we make as they are often opportunities to be MORE creative and to learn something about ourselves in the process. Here's a layout where I made a mistake and creatively (I hope!) made it a part of my layout. I dropped the ink pad right on the layout (lower right) and added more to the page. If you have a layout where you made a "mistake" and you love how it turned out..drop me a line with a link. I would love to hear from you.

Until then I encourage you to listen to Karen's class (have I mentioned it's free?) and learn to love (or at least LIVE WITH) your mistakes. She issues a few challenges that I am going to work on this week and I'll let you know how it all turns out.  Loving what I do (even more today!)..hope you are too.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Darling Daughter

On this day, 8 years ago, my darling daughter was born. She was 8 pounds 7 ounces and 20.5 inches long. She burst into the world screaming and yelling and telling the doctors how to do their jobs. And then she smiled..some say it was me imagining things but I know differently. She would have alot to say and show us 'who was boss' more times than a little girl should over the years. But when she smiles..you forget ..what was I saying? Oh yes. Her smile...So on this momentous day I celebrate her with this layout; my beautiful talented daughter and how she is such a blessing. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friendzy Friday with Two Scrapbook Friends: Glimmermist 101

During a recent challenge I issued at Two Scrapbook Friends (TSF) many of our lovely members there indicated that they didn't own any mists or if they did they weren't sure how to use them. I thought I take this opportunity to take the mystery out of the basics here and in the Friendzy Friday thread TSF.

1. What is Glimmermist/mist?
Glimmermist or mist are spray bottles of watery dye or ink. Some manyfacturers put a 'glimmer' in theirs and thus it becomes GLIMMERmist . Manufacturers like Tattered Angels and Maya Road are two common companies that produce misting products. Here are some examples of mists :

2. Handling and Storing My Mists:
A) When purchasing mist use the colour swatch on the reverse (if there is one) to choose your colour. This is the colour it will be on a "white" item. If you are spraying directly on a non white item like chipboard then do a test to determine the right colour for you.
B) Be sure to store your mists in an upright position. This prevents air or the glimmer from entering the tube inside the bottle.
C) Misting can be messy so I recommend gloves and a protected workspace when you are spraying. I like to use a large cardboard box to contain any overspray.
D) DO NOT shake your glimmermist. A vigorous shaking will force that glimmer up into the tube and cause clogging or worse: a splatter effect you may not want. Instead, swirl your mist gently in a bell-like motion. The glimmer sits on the bottoms of the bottle so a gentle swirl will cause that to re-emulsify into the dye.
E) If the nozzle does get clogged used compressed air (the kind you would use on your computer keyboard) to gently spray the nozzle. This photo shows you how:

F) The density of the spray is related to how close you are to your project. The closer you are the more dense the colour and the 'wetness' of the spray. If you wish a light misting hold the bottle farther away and use a continuous motion with your arm. The manufacturers recommend that you 'offspray'. Which means spray off to the side of the project and then while spraying, move your arm gently over the item.
G) Wait until the product is completely dry before using. Follow the manufacturers guidelines for product safety and stain removal instructions!
3. Simple Mist Technique: Masking
You will need:
A template (I cut mine on my Silhouette)
Mists in various complimentary colours
White 12x12 paper to be used as a background
a) Place the mask onto the background paper.
b) Using your lightest colour begin spraying  about 10 inches from your page (I wanted a splatter or two so I did not offspray)
c) Continue adding colours until you have acheived your desired effect. Remove the mask and set both aside to dry.
d) Once dry, get scrapping!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shaking it Up

Last week I mentioned I had signed up with Big Picture Classes to take a scrapbooking course  called Finding Your Way. Over the past two weeks it has really given me insight into what I like in my own crafting and what isn't really me. During the past weeks I have reorganized my crafting area and made lists in my brand new idea notebook about I need to create effectievly and and what slows me down in my process.

I have begun to create layouts during this process but both are for Design Teams so I must wait to reveal them to you until next week. This one I created using Crate Paper and some re-purposed packaging from Jillybean Soup.  I issued a challenge in the My Sketch World Forum to reuse your packaging and already there are so many great examples! So many manufacturers are making their product pakcages as useful as their products and almost as lovely!
Drop over there and see what other challenges my friends have issued to get your mojo going! Shake up your everyday scrapbooking with a challenge or two outside your crafting 'box'. 

Doing what I love to do, what about you? 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In like a Lion! At least my Scrapbooking is!

March is going to be a phenomenal month for scrapbooking! I am so excited it is truly difficult to know where to begin!  this month the DT at Two Scrapbook Friends used lines from Kaisercraft. My layouts were created using the English Rose line.
This first layout is of my cousin Heather and her daughter Stefany taken at my wedding 17 years ago. I stamped the Prima flowers with a fern stamp by Stampin Up! I also laced the doily with ribbon.

 I will post more layouts this week from my own designs but wanted to share exciting news! Two Scrapbook Friends has a guets designer Sharlene Nye-Petrone! Her work is lovely and clean. Please check her designs out this month!

Also MSW and Lucy are releasing their March 1 sketch today and the designers have been busy. I am actively working on my March 15th sketch and can hardly wait to share it with you. My dear friend, Ann has posted her design in her blog and it is GORGEOUS and regal. Please be sure to pop over and leave her a comment and lots of love! Did you know that February 28th saw the end of the My Sketch World 5th Anniversary Sketch-a-thon with over 700 entries into the gallery?  WOW!

Finally I wanted to talk about something my friend Ann introduced me to yesterday and I can't believe how it is affecting my scrapbooking. Karen Grunberg is offering an 8 week class (which closes tomorrow) online at Big Picture Classes. This class called Finding Your Way helps you find out what works for you and makes your layouts authentic and creative in your own style. I am so excited, I can hardly wait til Thursday's release of week two. I'll keep you in the loop on my progress and maybe have a few projects to share along the way. It has already got me thinking about the products I buy, how I store and access them, and what slows my process down.

Well, so much more to share but I think that's another story for another day! Keep doing what you love!