Friday, January 21, 2011

A Button, A Button, Who's got a Button?

Another great idea from Two Scrapbook Friends is being released TODAY! I am so excited to be a part of this dynamic team!

Two Scrapbook Friends Buttons Rewards Program

A reward program for paper addicts… just think, you could receive free product for scrapbooking, participating in challenges or even just talking about scrapbooking!
We are trying out a little benefit program on our Forum and here is how it will work…
Post in the forum – 1 button
Play along with a challenge – 10 buttons
Win a challenge – 50 buttons
Occasionally you will have an opportunity to win larger buckets of buttons as we will be giving away buttons accumulated by either Joanne and Carolyn or members of the DT.  Plus there might be random Bonus Buttons awarded!
So what do the buttons mean to you?  Why should you want buttons?  Well, they translate into free product, that’s why!  And you choose the product!
When your bucket gets full, Two Scrapbook Friends will buy back your buttons in exchange for a gift certificate that you can use in the store or to purchase something on-line!
500 buttons = $10.00 gift certificate
A couple things you should know… this is a trial and may not last forever so best to jump in right away.  Any point question can be directed to Deanna (DeeWoodland) or Joanne & Carolyn at
So get out your buckets ladies, head to the Forum and start collecting your buttons.

Keep doing what you love (and collect buttons for it too!)


  1. hey! is that you the big winner on the bo bunny blog??? has to be! congrats!