Thursday, March 24, 2011

Remembering Why We Do It.

I started scrapbooking almost 20 years ago in order to preserve memories of my life. I wanted to remember how I felt when I dated my husband or how I felt when my son and daughter were born or the difference my husband's grandfather made to my life. But these days when I sit down to scrapbook I am not always thinking about those memories. I get caught up in the details of new products and techniques or in finding the perfect photo or in a timeline I have given myself to create. I was reminded today while listening to Karen Grunberg's (currently free) class Embracing Imperfection and Big Picture Classes, that I scrapbook my photos and tell my stories so that the details of my life are not forgotten. She reminds us to embrace the mistakes we make as they are often opportunities to be MORE creative and to learn something about ourselves in the process. Here's a layout where I made a mistake and creatively (I hope!) made it a part of my layout. I dropped the ink pad right on the layout (lower right) and added more to the page. If you have a layout where you made a "mistake" and you love how it turned out..drop me a line with a link. I would love to hear from you.

Until then I encourage you to listen to Karen's class (have I mentioned it's free?) and learn to love (or at least LIVE WITH) your mistakes. She issues a few challenges that I am going to work on this week and I'll let you know how it all turns out.  Loving what I do (even more today!)..hope you are too.



  1. great use of the sketch.. and love the bold bright fun colouring on this one.

  2. Love your layout, Christa!

    This just happened to me the other day, I didn't cut an alpha rub-on out before adding it to my card and of coarse, an extra letter was added. I did cover it up with a bird.