Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inspiration Elevator Challenge #13: New Beginnings

You may recall that the purpose of this challenge group is to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow. You can view all of the challenges on my blog by clicking here or check our our new Inspiration Elevator Blog, here.

This month, our challenge comes from the talented Laura Whitaker. Laura's challenge, in her own words, is as follows:

"As we welcome spring, scrap something to do with a new beginning, it could be an opportunity, a relationship, or even the world's reawakening after it's long winter's nap. Don't forget to journal and describe why you have chosen your topic."

 We would also like to welcome our May Guest Designer, Denise Morrison. Her arsty, eclectic style inspires her followers to see how "Life is Yummy" at her blog!

New beginnings. Well. I must say this WAS a challenge for me. I am fairly happy to say that we aren't as a family really experiencing much by the way of NEWness. :o) I have always equated newness with a bit more stress than I prefer in my fairly contented world. So finding photos really proved a challenge.

I finally uncovered these pictures of us on the Magical Express bus on way to Coronado Springs at Walt Disney World Resort. This was our very first time staying at this resort and we were there 10 days! Both FIRSTS for us. So in a way this was a new beginning and an adventure!

In the Inspiration Elevator tradition, I wanted to try a little something new and challenge myself to create in a new way.

Here's the finished result:

I am quite pleased with the end result actually! I began with a smear or two of light texture past from LIQUITEX and used regular kitchen plastic wrap to smudge it all around. If you've ever wondered if you can use your heat tool to dry it? You can!

I then  used my LYRA aquarelle gel crayons and some water to finger paint my coloured back ground. The paste resisted in some places and I really appreciate the texture.
I added bits of wood from STUDIO CALICO and twine from DOODLEBUG plus a few more little bits and pieces
My journalling is brief but I did hand write it which I never ever do. I like the pop of black and how it anchors the page.

So overall, thank you Laura for this great challenge. In many respects, it made me stretch and grow: YAY!

 I hope you will stop by and see what our designers on this adventure have created:

Until next time, keep doing what you love!


  1. I love your bright colours and how you blended them. Getting messy is fun, eh? And it's cool that you found a new appreciation for something you've done 20+ times before! :)

  2. Fabulous! Love the texture, colour and more importantly - the handwritten journaling!! Good for you! :)

  3. "I have always equated newness with a bit more stress than I prefer in my fairly contented world." This is oh so totally me as well!

    Wonderful layout, Christa! I love the colours and that fabulously funky background too.

  4. Love that background! Very ingenious. Very nice page.

  5. The coloring you did is just beautiful! I love it so MUCH!!!

  6. Loving the background! A gorgeous page Christa!

  7. what a cool idea Christa!
    I love how the paste resisted. Can't wait to try that.
    I loved what you said about newness and stress. So true. :)

  8. gorgeous! love the colour and the texture ( i am so trying this soon) love the journal-ling and those great pics!

  9. love those colors! What a cool technique..someday I gotta get messy. You guys have inspired me to get a bit artsy!

  10. Love that background Christa! Gorgeous page!

  11. Colour pops right off the page! Love the texture too, super!

  12. Fabulous FABULOUS background!!! LOOOOVE the color combo and those confident dynamic brush strokes! SOOO jealous of your water color mojo!!! Please share some tips. I keep trying but I think I'm using the wrong kind of paper- I get lots of warping or worst- the paper comes off in tiny blobs. That's why I'm spraying everything lately- much harder to get it wrong if it goes everywhere LOL! This is a wonderful design- pinning to my painterly board. :)

  13. Christa, your design is just fabulous! The colours, the texture, the balance - PERFECT! Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Joanne xo

  14. Christa this is AWESOME!!! I super LOVE it sooooo much!!!