Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Very First

Saturday marked the first my posts for Momenta! I had been inspired by several pins on Pinterest to create these really cute favours...Papervinez Blog is a mecca for us paper crafters. So I decided to jump on it right away when my Momenta products arrived.  Even though it's a bit early, these Valentine's favours are fun to make with your kids and the Momenta Super Pad (PA-2263) gives you lots of options.

This is what you'll need to begin!
- 3 sheets of 12x12 co-ordinating patterned paper (Momenta Super Pad)
- one sheet of white cardstock for your sentiments
- twine or ribbon for embellishing (I used the TWINERY twine in Charcoal)
- ink and a distress inking tool (I used Tim Holtz)
- pre-printed or a stamp sentiment that fits on your:
- heart punch (I used a Martha Stewart punch)
- a fast drying liquid glue (I used Beacon's 3 in 1)
- (not pictured) wrapped Valentine's Candy (I used Hershey's Kisses)

Let's begin:

1. Begin by trimming each 12x12 patterned paper into 4 inch by 5 inch rectangles.

2. Add fast drying liquid glue to the SHORT (4 inch) side in a thin stream.
3. Roll the paper and press that seam firmly.

4. Once dry put a small stream of glue at one end. I turn the tube so the seam is slightly off to the side. (At Papervinez they used a crimper to set the bottoms but I didn't like how it looked so I left that step out.)

5. Once these are dry fill them with wrappped candy.

6. Add a small stream of glue on the opening and press closed IN THE OPPOSITE direction of the first opening. It will create a three dimensional triangular shape. Practice before gluing if you need to!

7. Using a co-ordinating twine wrap a length around and tie in a bow.

8. Using you heart punch, punch out the Valentine's Day sentiments. (You Rock and Be My Friend are the two my daughter chose).

9. Using your ink and inker tool ink the edges of the hearts.

10. Add some fast drying glue to the back of the heart and adhere it to the favour.

Repeat. Repeat and Repeat again! My daughter loves the bright colours of the papers we chose. The Super Pad (PA-2263) has so many great patterns to choose from too. I have really loved working with Momenta on this project and spending time with my daughter during the process!

Until next time, keep doing what you love to do!

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