Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is not a word I have ever had cause to shout..really! But this weekend is all about the Two Scrapbook Friends Superbowl Online Crop! Oh yeah, TOUCHDOWN, whoop whoop!

Well my friends, if you have never participated in an online crop before it's actually the perfect opportunity to give it a try.The best part is that you can be at home with all your own scrappy stuff, in your jammies and complete your projects on your own time. Personally? I am excited to welcome some friends on Saturday for an all day scrap adventure at my place! So maybe YOU want to gather some pals and do the same.

We will be launching the challenges around 4 pm on Friday. You have until 6 pm on Sunday evening to complete them and link up! You can post a picture of your projects in the Layout Gallery, under Super Bowl Crop Challenges and link back into the forum. There are currently 6 challenges but you never know... there may be another surprise 7th challenge at anytime! There will be a conversation / chat thread in here for you to discuss the game (totally kidding, you can talk about whatever you want)!

Any challenge that you complete and link to the challenge thread will earn you 10 buttons.  Remember those Two Scrapbook Friends buttons can add up to a gift certificate and Carolyn and Shelby were just at CHA ordering more and more new product for the shelves! (Check out the Button Rewards program here.)

The prizes will be awarded as follows...
When the crop ends on Sunday, we will be drawing for 3 fabulous prizes. You have the chance to win a prize just for participating and completing at least one challenge. You will also have another chance to win if you complete all the challenges. Then last, but not least, there will be a final prize for the best creation of the weekend!

If you win one of these prizes you will also receive 50 more buttons.

Because the 2 Friends are being so generous with the buttons, you will not be allowed to combine challenges in order to complete them. So in order to receive points it has to be a project completed for that challenge only. And in order to be in the draw for those that completed all the challenges you will have to have submitted a separate project for each posted challenge.

If you have any questions about the online crop... feel free to ask them here or online and we will be sure to answer them asap.
So...get your game face on!
Keep doing what you love!


  1. This is going to be so much fun!
    Joanne xo

  2. It was a very busy weekend, but so much fun. Thanks for all your help.