Friday, February 4, 2011

Friendzy Friday with Two Scrapbook Friends: Canvas Leaves

Helloooooo Friday!
I am exciting to share with you my first technique at Two Scrapbook Friends Friendzy Friday . A few weeks ago, my friend Avril Tanner shared  how to make a beautiful canvas flower. This week I am showing you how to turn plain old canvas triangles into gorgeous leaves.

For this project you'll need the following:- canvas triangles like these Lil' Petals- ink and a brayer. I chose green (or shades of green). For fall you might chose reds and yellow and orange. You can also use glimmer mist too.- matching thread and a sharp needle- stickles or crystal effects for finishing touches- safe surface for inking or misting- running water and a paper towel (not shown)- gloves if you don't like to get messy (not used! I'm a crafty gal!)

1. Rinse the sizing out of the triangles. This allows the ink to settle right into the fabric and frays the edges a bit. Blot the water on a paper towel.
2. On your ink safe surface, brayer the ink on the triangles. I use a few shades of green to obtain the coloration I prefer.
3. Thread your sharp needle and tie off the end. You'll need it ready . Then, the tricky part. Fold the wide end of the triangle into a 'w' or an 'm' shape. It should look something like this when you have it right:
4. Using the sharp needle pass the thread through the end a few times until it is secure. Tie the ends tightly.

5. Now the finishing touches. Add some stickles (I used my finger to 'paint' them on) or add a few drops of crystal effects to look like dew. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before adding them to your pages.

6. Now, get scrappy! Add them to your pages with those gorgeous canvas flowers Avril showed you. Your scrappy friends won't believe how easy it was!  

Please share with what you've created! Head over to the Two Scrapbook Friends Gallery and show us what you've done! We love to see how we've inspired you.
Keep Doing What You Love!


  1. So cool Christa! I love this technique. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. Definitely going to try this ! Thanks for coming to the Best Creation blog hop and being so kind about my quilled flowers.

  3. really great leaves.. thanks for sharing Christa