Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bo Nose..he really does.

Hello friends! For those of you have been readers here since the beginning this will be nothing new; for those of you are just finding Do What You Love, this will be an exciting surprise: I adore my dog. Yep! There it is. Not any mild adoration for me and the Bo-Bo. No way. This is a true love situation!

Of course when my Dolly took this really cute pic of Bo-Bo i knew I had to share my "Bo's Nose" love! Look at his big black nose! I love it!

SIMPLE STORIES Say Cheese line worked perfectly and brought the colouring in the photo. Thanks again to Two Scrapbook Friends for another inspiring line!
I layered a 'faux' dog tag over the circle to anchor my cluster.
My QUEEN & Co. washi tape anchors the photo/title combination too.  The large NOSE text is balanced and made more a focal point my the differing, finer text of "Bo".

I used a black pen and a journalling stamp to add a bit of text. Finally the cluster in the upper right balances out what could potentially, be a bottom heavy design. (there is a lot of black down there!)

Don't you love him? Isn't he the cutest dog ever (Joanne, I'm talking to you, ya know!) I hope you inspired to create something about your pet that you love.
Until next time, keep doing what you love.


  1. Aw, both the layout and the pup are so sweet!

  2. Cute picture and fabulous layout!!

  3. He is cute, I admit. Great page.

  4. OMGosh! This is such a great layout! Bo is such a cutie!!!
    Joanne xo