Monday, July 23, 2012

Sharing my Summer Soul Brag Book

Good Morning Friends! I am excited to share with you my Fancy Pants Brag Book creation. The Fancy Pants Brag book is has so many possibilities, I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed (and so very excited) at where to start! Each Brag Book comes with papers of two sizes and two sheets of stickers, letters, and tabs. There are three varieties, and I was lucky enough to be given Summer Soul to work with.
I decided to create a family travel journal where I could write about out adventures at the Cottage last summer and add to it as we had more adventures!
I made the cover with some of those great Summer Soul papers and the added the month stickers from the sticker sheet. One of things I love about these brag books is the kraft paper is super durable.
This is the title page for the Cottage vacation we took. My plan is to add a new title page for each journey we take.
I also love that each page doesn't have to be a masterpiece it just needs to express the fun we have with photos and journalling.
 I used some masking tape and made some clouds with inks and mists.(Thank you Michelle Hernandez!) I also used my Silhouette to cut my sunshine.
The banner made using some of those really cute stickers from the included sticker sheets and washi tape.
I also wanted to include lots of writing too so I could recall some of the specifics. For our next vacation I will take the book with me and do my writing while I am there so it is fresh, and just leave room for photos.
I liked too, that some of the pages had pre-printed set of lines for writing and a white flourish  in the upper corners.
Fancy Pants has also included several plastic pages to just insert photos if  you have more than one of a certain event. This is my dolly trying her hand at kayaking for the first time. I included some hand drawn flourishes and fussy cut a "surf babe" title card from the paper included.
There is also a pocket page to save all those little bits of memorabilia you love. Here I included a little note of welcome from our hostess. I plan to save more of my 'stuff' on vacations so I can look back and remember the cost of dinner or the tickets to special events.

I highly recommend this experience. It is so different from my usual scrapbooking one where I labour over every page. This came together so easily once I gave my self up to preserving the memories. I am excited about continuing the creative process, if only I could get it back from Carolyn at the store!

Until next time, keep doing what you love.


  1. This is soooo cool! I adore the clouds with masking tape...way too clever, my friend!

  2. What an awesome travel journal! The colors and patterns are delightful - a great way to show off your wonderful vaca photos!

  3. This is really awesome. I love how you stepped out of your comfort zone with this album. All the little details on each page really make it shine. What a great way to keep all those vacation memories together!

  4. OHHHHHHHH! I love this! I LOVE that you shared this new book from FP! I totally need to get this journal! LOOOOOOOOVE all the details on each page! FAB!!! YOU ROCK:)