Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's CHA sneak peeks!

I am stunned that is its CHA time once again. It means that Manufacturers are set to release sneak peeks of their new products and stores are ordering like crazy! I recently saw this new line on Glitz Design and I loved the colours (mauve and gold and aqua) and the fonts. Even the name Dance in the Sunshine, was a thrill! Of course the awesome bling and vintage-y feel didn't hurt either!
So, I encourage you to check it out for yourself and enter their contest to win the whole line!
Here's a sneak peek I'll share with you!

I also wanted to share you a personal triumph! My dear BFF Carey has admitted to being a scarpbook-aphobic, but this year when our DD's decided to dance competitively I convinced her that she should document this journey for her daughter. She said she would try if I designed the page and made them fairly simple; she would copy my page! I was so excited. So this past weekend we met for a few hours and here she is with her very first page! I am so proud of her and I LOVE the time we spend together. Congrats Carey!

I am also starting a new Challenge course at Big Picture Classes Today with my other BFF Ann. Stay tuned! I am still trying to do a LO EOD (LayOut Every Other Day!) and will post more of those soon too.

Until next time...keep doing what you love to do!