Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's Toast!

I admit it. I am a blogging newbie. In fact, I have only been reading blogs for a very short time. I have been inspired by these blogs and thought I'd start my own. (I mean who ISN'T blogging, right?)  I am looking forward to sharing more about myself and the things I love but mostly, this will be a spot where I can share about the fabulous world of scrapbooking and photography.

So, I won't promise not to talk about other things (Disney, my family, my BFF's etc)  when the mood strikes me but I do promise it'll be interesting!

So let's toast to new beginnings and to something else I really love..talking!

Wishing for you to do something YOU love everyday,


  1. Friend, you are fabulously interesting and creative and I cannot wait to see what you share here!

  2. I've found your blog! Looking forward to seeing your work.