Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig!

We are back from the beautiful holiday world of Walt Disney World in Florida. The weather was warm in the sunshine-y afternoons and cool in the mornings and evenings. Even though we have been to Walt Disney World many times, we often find new things to do and see. A few new favourites of mine were the Animation Courtyard and the Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios. At the Animation Courtyard we were able meet with a real Disney Animator and draw Piglet on our first visit and Donald Duck on our second visit. My efforts with Piglet are below and it leave lots to be desired. I was proud of our efforts and will be hanging those up in our family gallery at home.
 For those of you unfamiliar with this hidden gem, The Backlot Tour involved a quick stunt show and then a tram ride around some of the scenery construction and costuming areas behind the scenes. We also saw some cool props like the rainbow coloured Chicken Coup Hannah Montana paints in The Hannah Montana Movie and Herbie The Love Bug. Such an interesting tour and something we had never done. We plan on making this a regualr haunt on every visit! We also ate at the Backlot Express which was such an interestingly decorated 'warehouse' and served such wonderful things like the Angus Burger with avocado, lettuce, tomato and pepperjack cheese. YUMMY!

We were also very blessed to see my Mom and Dad and they enjoyed a day at EPCOT with us. We really enjoyed seeing everything through their eyes and hope they will come over to Orlando next fall and stay at our resort and see more of what WDW has to offer.

Finally, we were fortunate enough to in a room right next to my dear friends Carey, Jordyn, Jacob and their Grandma Dianne. We were able to ride a few rides with them and enjoy their company too. We also met up with my old friend Lisa and her kids, Raine and Brawn as well as meet their friends,Janice and CJ Moore. Certainly shows you that Disney makes for the best reunions! (Thanks to my dearest hubby for taking this group shot! He was the only adult male in our group..)

Well, I am off to scrapbook a bit of Disney Magic and I promise to post some of those pages when I can. So, as they like to say in WDW: "Have a magical day!" and  keep on doing what you love!

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