Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Selfie

There is a funny little quote on Pinterest that says: "50 years from now little old ladies won't be able to sew or knit, but they will take one heck of a photo of themselves." We call it the SELFIE and I must admit to taking a few that I use to express my current emotion via text or email or Facebook to friends; like my very own EMOTICON.

Silly, I know. I try to show myself in a good light and in a fashion that I won't be ashamed to look at 20 years from now (It's good advice, Miss Cyrus.) It also means that I make it into SOME photos SOME of the time. It's a Mom's downfall that everyone else seems to live in my life but me! 

So here's a design I created celebrating The Selfie. Celebrating a day when I was BY MYSELF; alone off to get groceries or run some errands. BY MYSELF! Did I say I was alone? I was and look how happy I was for those few minutes of peace and solitude in the car!

I love this DOODLEBUG collection and truly find the brown pops those colours. The vintage cameras also rock!
I also hand traced a circle and stitched in green floss. The right side of the photo shows the arrows and the vintage cameras I love fro this line. The sticker sheets are to die for!
I computer journalled and popped them up for dimension and added my Cameo-cut title in the SNF Lolihop font.

So I challenge you to shoot a few selfies and document this time in your life; it's your chance to be in the photos and document this part of your story. Until next time, keep doing what you love!


  1. This is absolutely FABulous! Wow - this is such a fun paper line and I adore your stitched circle. Way to get yourself on some layouts!
    Shanna :)

  2. What a fantastic page Christa!! Love it!!

  3. love your Selfie pic and layout!

  4. Love this layout Christa! Your selfie is awesome! I have never been able to master the selfie - maybe I need more practice! lol
    Joanne xo

  5. Awesome!!! Love all the colours!