Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm On A Roll Now!

June is flying by! I am still managing to find my flow with LOAD  and wanted to continue to share with you how I am doing.
Here is a layout I did for a Picasso art project my DD did. It was so well done I didn't want it to get lost or ruined. It also had a neat little story that I wanted to share too.

                   One night she climbed into bed with me. She held my hand and snuggled close.
A few minutes later she asked me: "Mom? Do you know about Picasso's Blue Period?"
I said""
She said: "He painted these pictures when his friend died and blue is a sad colour."
I said, wisely: "Oh."
She added: "As opposed to his Rose Period when he was happy and in love."
I said: "Oh." (Again)

I couldn't believe it! She was so knowledgeable. So enthusiastic! I needed to be sure we preserved that memory forever!

Lastly I wanted to share a layout I loved. It felt good making it and as soon as I was done I started a new one, since my mojo was flowing. This layout of my DD when she was just 20 months old and fresh from her sleep. So sweet and warm. A memory I wanted to remember too.
Let me know your thoughts! It really helps with my LOAD process!

Keep doing what you love!


  1. love them both, great memories to put down on paper

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  3. Fabulous post Christa! Thanks for sharing :)
    Joanne xo

  4. These are both fabulous - what a great way to capture her artwork and the conversation that went with it! And the soft colours layered under her pretty chubby cheeks (meant in a good way - toddlers should have chubby cheeks, shouldn't they - the better for squishing!) just capture her sweet soft colouring!