Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesdays are a day for change!

Ok..maybe not..but 'hump' day could use a new moniker don't you think? Instead of being a day whose only claim to fame is being in the exact middle of the week, it could be THE DAY FOR CHANGE..(hear thunder and ominous lightening here). So what's this all about? I know you're thinking it.

I awoke this morning (like any other morning) and thought about the day. I took a minute and prayed for many things. I always turn my laptop on and see what everyone is doing on FB and any new emails I get from those up later than 9 pm! And there it was. An email from Big Picture Classes talking about a small class on mini books. Not interested. Me and the small scrapbooking format have never seen eye to eye creatively. But it was the subject of this mini book that was the message. Scrapbook a week in your life in this mini book. Hmmmm.

I have seen a few bloggers doing a daily list. My dear friend Sue Sykes does a grateful blog on Sundays. The brilliant and prolific Becky Higgins has been doing something like this for years. But it seemed too much a committment. So this morning I decided to CHANGE my way of thinking I decided to document things that were important about one day in my life, once a week for a year. So I picked Wednesday; the date who had never know any 'liking' during my previous weeks, will now be my day for change. I will change the fact that I rarely scrapbook about ME. I will document my day and preserve it with photos of things that I was doing or thinking about or loving that day. I will reserve that evening to scrapbook about ME.

I know what you are thinking. Self centred? Uninteresting? Maybe. But I am told (by at least 3 people everyday) that I am THE best ever. So maybe they will be grateful I took the time to preserve ME in a scrapbook for them to see and think about and remember.

So here's my list of 10 for today. I am handwriting it and plan to include it in my scrapbooking endeavour. I will try to post this weeks list on a layout NEXT Wednesday with next Wednesday's list.

listening: to excited kids with spring here
eating: way too much..time for salad
wearing: jeans/shorts/jeans/! the weather is confusing
weather: confusing (cold then hot, cold then hot)
feeling: sore. My wrist is broken and I do too much
needing: another holiday to Florida. I am at peace there
thinking: about a trip to Disney in the fall...
praying: for a miracle for Larry and Wendy
learning: about my scrapbooking style
enjoying: that my computer mouse now works perfectly. (I removed the truck sticker stuck partially over the laser eye on the bottom!)

So I challenge you to make Wednesday (or any other day) your day to CHANGE the way you scrapbook about YOU. Make a list or use mine. Do it once a week or everyday or once a month. Do it and scrap it and leave these bits of you to your children and family for years to come.
Please let me know your thoughts and please drop me a line if you take up my challenge, I'd love to see what you're up to!
Here's to doing what you love to do (on WEDNESDAYS!)


  1. Hi Christa. Love this idea! But know myself well enough that I couldn't keep up with it :) Has put that thought in my head though that I do need to do more scrapbooking about me!! Have great fun every Wednesday!!

  2. Great idea, Christa! My friend, Lee, has a similar list - I'm going to join you next week on your Wednesday list day!

  3. Awesome idea Christa. I will enjoy checking back to see how this progresses!