Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning to "feed" my Creativity for a Lifetime!

I remember an old English proverb: Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach him to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.  It came to me yesterday that my journey of discovery with Karen Grunberg and her class Finding Your Way was much the same as this proverb. I had for years taken classes that I truly enjoyed, bought magazines and products, but I was never very sure of what to do afterwards. Sometimes I was satisfied with my finished layout but when I was, I couldn't tell you why any more than I could if I didn't like it. I was "fed" for a day..a few days...but then my BFF Ann Jobes mentioned Karen's class. It has truly taught me "how to fish" my own.  I have learned about the fundamental aspects of scrapbooking creative waters; how to tap into what I am creating and what it is I like or need to be creative at my best. I now know "how to fish". The course is 3/4 of the was completed and we have covered a great many of the aspects of design and colour and organization. It is thrilling to learn things about myself I never knew!

Last week I mentioned we had a reveal for my Design Team at Two Scrapbook Friends. I was so excited to take in my completed projects and when I did my dear friend Joanne (one of the "Friends") was totally wow'd. I even heard from their in store designer, Shelby, yesterday. She took a moment out of her crazy day to drop me a line to let me know she loved this months work too. My fellow DT members have always been kind in their words, but this month feel great about my finished products. I am over the moon!

Here's the three layouts I produced for Two Scrapbook Friends. Drop me a line here or at their gallery and let me know if you like them.

Here's the first called "GO"

The second Called "Oh baby baby"

and my favourite (an experiment in Kraft paper, paint and sewing a banner!) called "Happy".

I have been telling anyone who will listen (and who is a scrapbooker) to check out Karen's class at Big Picture Classes, but it has come to my attention that registration is closed. I am sad to hear this but suggest for you to visit Karen's blog or contact Big Picture Classes to see when it might be offered again. After all, why not learn to find your way and 'feed' your creative soul for a lifetime of great scrapbooking and creating.

In addition, check out the April 1st release of My Sketch World's April 1st sketch. I too will have something to reveal on April 15th, but until then there is lots of inspiring and wonderful layouts to be seen in the gallery there.  My BFF Ann has one up on her blog as we speak!

This weekend I will be at Scrapfest in Kitchener on Friday night helping out my Two Scrapbook Friends from 4pm until 10pm. Pop by and say "Hi!".

Doing what love EVERY SINGLE DAY! Hope you are too.